Estate Planning Assembly Software
Trusts & Wills
Trusts and Wills Templates for Single, Married and "Non-Traditional" Clients:

All documents are state specific based on the state of residence of the client; the one program has different templates which cover 49 states plus the District of Columbia (sorry Louisiana).

  • Living Trusts (including Restated Amendments)
    Version for Single Clients includes:
    - Spousal distribution provisions (including 2012 compliant trust options) if client is married - Option for a Co-Trustee with client
    Versions for Married Clients include:
    - Joint Trust or Reciprocal Trusts - Simple, probate avoidance Trust - Disclaimer Trust - Modified "A/B" Trust - "Intentionally defective" Marital Deduction Trust (new) - "QTIP" Trust (either pecuniary or fractional share) - "QTIP" Trust with "Clayton Election" - All trusts have option for only one spouse to be the Trustee - QDOT provisions for a non-citizen spouse - State QTIP option for states with a separate estate tax
    Versions for Non-Traditional Couples include:
    - Joint Trust or Reciprocal Trusts - Full spousal distribution provisions (i.e., Windsor and Obergefell compliant trust options) if clients are married - "A/B" Trust for non-married couples (no marital deduction language) - Simple, probate avoidance Trust - All trusts have option for only one party to be the Trustee
    Specific Distribution Provisions include:
    - Gifts of Specific Sums (individual or class gift) - Gifts of a Percentage (individual or class gift) - Gifts of Specific Assets - Gifts of Real Property - Option to Purchase Real Property - Life Interest in Real Property - Life Interest in a sum or a specific asset - Gift of Business Interest - Forgiveness of Debt - "Special Needs" Trust - "Pet Trust" - Charitable Foundation
    Residual Distribution Provisions include:
    - "Per Stirpes" with Trusts for Grandchildren - Unequal Allocations between Beneficiaries - Delay Trust for Children (by age or years) - "Family Pot" Trusts - Generation-Skipping Trusts (simple, GST and "Dynasty")
  • Pour-Over Wills
  • Certificate of Trust
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Assignment of Personal Effects
  • Marital Property Agreement (for married clients)
  • General Powers of Attorney (including "springing powers")
  • Limited Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care Directives and/or "Living Will" (HIPAA compliant)
  • Burial Instructions
  • Amendments
  • Stand-alone Wills (simple and with testamentary trusts)
  • Codicils
  • Complete Summary of each paragraph in the living trust and of each document in the trust package
  • Summary sheet of Fiduciaries
  • Client Information Sheet
  • Client Correspondence (all incorporating your letterhead)
    - Representation Letter (fee confirmation) - Transmittal Letters (draft or originals) - Sign and Return Letter - "FYI" Letter - Trust or Will Instruction Letter ("closing letter") - Trust Funding Instructions - "CYA" letters for funding and holding original documents - Conflict Waiver for married clients
  • Miscellaneous Trust Documents
    - IRA Benficiary Trusts with corresponding Beneficiary Designation form - NFA Firearms Trusts ("Gun Trusts") - Revocation of Trust - Appointment of a Co-Trustee - Resignation of Trustee - Removal of a Trustee [both uncontested and by Court petition] - Exercise of Limited Power of Appointment - Revocation of Power of Attorney
  • Transfer documents
    - Deeds for real property (including fee simple, partial interests, joint interests and mineral rights) - Letters of Instruction for re-titling to banks, transfer agents, brokerage firms, mutual funds, etc. - Assignments of Deeds of Trust, limited and general partnership interests, LLC's, business interests, etc. - Requests for change of beneficiary designations for life insurance, annuities, retirement benefits, etc. - Affidavits of death - Opinion letters - Other necessary documents
  • Checklists and Worksheets (keyed to the program)

Key Benefits:

  • Does not require extensive estate planning background (particularly for a single client).
  • Completely state specific; single program allows the production of state specific documents for all states (except Louisiana) and Washington, DC, based on the state of residence of the client.
  • Program allows different attorneys/support staff to prepare documents for same client using common answer file.
  • Option to use "Settlor" or "Trustor".
  • Option to use "familiar" or "traditional" language (i.e., "I" or "My" vs. "Settlor" or "Settlor's").
  • Option to use an "unitrust" distribution or the traditional "net income" for interests held in trust.
  • Includes all necessary transfer documents.
  • All templates are "keyed" to same variable language; input data only one time.
  • Fully formatted documents automatically sent to Microsoft Word for final review, editing and printing.
  • Fully context sensitive dialogs; answer only the questions needed (based on your responses to the previous questions).
  • Default answers are set to your specifics (e.g., state, county, etc.).
  • Templates can be edited to utilize your preferred language (requires upgraded HotDocs).
  • The price is a one-time charge; unlike our major competitors, we do not re-charge you each year for the software (to see a current Pricing Analysis of the major "complete" estate planning software available, please click on the following link: Pricing Analysis).
  • One year free updates and revisions to templates (subsequent update subscription only $250/year).

The Trusts & Wills template set is only $995.00.

(no sales tax and no shipping costs)