Your new solution for custom created estate planning documents!

After 18 great years of developing and marketing our desktop estate planning software, FORE! Trust Software has ended its “stand-alone” products as of August 1, 2023, and is no longer offering new subscriptions. Never fear, the Fore! solution lives on through our templates and logic that are now part of a series of “cloud-based” estate planning solutions provided by ADA Platform Technology, LLD. (“ADAPT”). This solution is based on the same high quality legal templates and logic developed by FORE! but will be marketed and enhanced exclusively by ADAPT.

To witness this for yourself, please click on the button below to request a free trial of the client centric ADAPT solution. This solution features many upgrades to the current desk-top version (including the ability to access from any computer; new automated documents to help further automate your document preparation; CRM features; practice activity reports; as well as the option to use our new “inter-active” online client questionnaire. The questionnaire further enhances your clients’ estate planning experience for even greater efficiency and accuracy.)

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