Your affordable solution for the creation of customized estate planning documents

Our software provides you with an automated process for the drafting and assembly of completely state specific estate planning documents. This process does not involve “canned forms” but uses highly intuitive, context sensitive “question and answer” dialogs for the preparation of quality documents custom created for each client by any professional in a matter of minutes.

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The Trusts & Wills module provides all trust/will versions with extensive distribution options (both specific and residual), specialized “stand-alone” trusts (e.g., an “IRA Beneficiary Trust”), all supporting documents (e.g., “pour-over” wills, powers of attorney, HIPAA compliant health-care powers, trust certifications, etc.), transfer documents (including the deeds), correspondence and worksheets (click here for full details on the T&W module including pricing].

The Irrevocable Trusts module features the full “alphabet soup” of more sophisticated estate planning trusts (“ILIT’s”, “QPRT’s”, “IDGT’s”, “GRAT’s”, “CRT’s”, “CLT’s”, etc.); plus educational trusts, special needs trusts (both 3rd party and self-settled) and Medicaid/VA planning trusts (click here for full details on this module including pricing). We are pleased to also offer our Virtual Estate Planning System (“VEPS”) which is a browser-based internet option which provides for the client’s completion of the estate planning interview. With only a few minutes of review time, the software will generate a complete state-specific estate plan incorporating either a “stand-alone” Will or a fully funded revocable living trust (including all of the supporting documents). For more information, including an “inter-active” demo, click on the “Products” tab above.

All dialogs have detailed help screens. Documents are created, fully-formatted, in Microsoft Word. Frequently updated, the software ensures that you are always compliant with current state and federal laws. All products are network enabled (sharing a common answer file) and have a full, thirty day guarantee and one-year free support and updates (additional annual subscriptions are available at a minimal cost).

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Virtual Estate Planning System (Cloud-based) Solution

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ADAPT's Cloud-based Solution

ADAPT’s cloud-based solutions allows you to complete an Estate Planning Interview via the cloud. Users get the same complete, legal and state specific documents as in FORE!Trust but now in a cloud-based solution.

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