We update constantly (as we add new templates, options, law changes, etc.). All current subscribers have a subscription page at our User Account Center which permits the installation, re-installation and update of the software 24/7. We also send emails to all users after any major revision (e.g., after a law change). The annual (after the first year) update subscription is $250 for the Trusts & Wills template set and $150 for the Irrevocable Trusts set. This subscription is voluntary on your part since the software will continue to run whether you subscribe or not (as compared to our competition whose software will “lock-up” after each year unless you re-purchase it). Most, but not all, of our users do subscribe; but it is not mandatory for the software to continue to function (obviously, any changes to the template, either for law changes or revisions, are the responsibility of the user if the user does not subscribe).