Hi Dennis, I just wanted to let you know that we ordered Fore here at my office and our IT guy will be installing over the weekend. I will be the one using the software to start with and we may expand to the rest of the office in the future. Thanks for putting out such a good product! Unfortunately we are stuck paying Westlaw through September, but since Fore is so much better, we won’t be using Westlaw during that time period!

Best! Tony

Dennis, Just a note to thank you for the superb software. My most recent client called his will and trust a “work of art.”
I know how hard you work at this, and I want you to know how much I appreciate it.

Eric D. Ridley, Law Office of Eric Ridley, Santa Clarita | Ventura http://ridleylawoffices.com

Dennis, Am back up and running thanks to your great re-installation directions and software.
Your product is superior and your customer service is tremendous.
Gratefully, Paul
And all that for a most reasonable price!

Paul Pike, Wolfeboro, NH

FYI- just wanted to let you know how much I love your products. Thanks for creating such a great program!

Linda, Aliso Viejo, CA

P.S. Use this in your ads:

“If, over the last 6 years, we had used your software instead of Thompson West’s ‘Cowles’, we could have saved approximately:
• $10,000 in costs for a package that is long outdated and over-priced;
• $4,000 in labor time dealing with their continual foul ups in invoicing;
• $7,000 in cancellations by our Clients due their no-notice suspension of service for non-payment when we had already paid annually;
• $750 in court filing fees, constable service fees and labor in filing suit for damages we suffered due to their errors (they refused to address our complaints).
‘Cowles’ latest owner (we have had 3 in 6 years) has a left hand that doesn’t even know that they have a right hand!

Tell THAT to your Prospects…you folks have been darn good about servicing us and your software performs very, very well. Thanks for helping a small company survive in this negative economic times.”

John Charles Aruzian

Let me know if you ever need any references on your software in Missouri. It is by far the best investment in software I’ve ever made.

Conway L. Hawn, Anderson & Hawn, LLC (Houston, Missouri)

Dennis – here’s a testimonial that I have for your company. Please feel free to use it in whatever fashion you’d like.

Prior to finding Fore! Trust, I had been handling my estate planning work using “boiler plate” documents. As any small practitioner knows, that means I was re-using documents that I had used on prior clients to create “new” plans. Needless to say, there were some embarrassing moments when we had forgotten to remove a name or to make a gender change! Well, in 2009 we decided to “ramp up” our estate planning department, including the fees that we were charging, and we realized that we needed some sort of reliable systemization in the office. We considered multiple versions of software. Honestly, we chose Fore! Trust at first based on price – Fore! Trust was the most “economical” in relation to others. Well, even though we made a choice solely based on price (which many times backfires in the real world), a year and a half later we realized that we made the best decision yet! The software is reasonably simple to use and the question format is perfect for our office. But, the immediate and quick support is what really brings the value of Fore! Trust to the “forefront.” There’s support built right into the system, but when you need live support, Dennis is right there ready to help.

If you’re considering estate planning software for your office, I’d urge you to choose Fore! Trust. It’s value is incomparable.

Sincerely, Andrew J. Garcia (Dartmouth, MA)

I tried your software and I was surprised at how easy it is to use. I will be ordering it in November when my Lawgic contract expires. Would you believe they doubled the renewal price this year? They’ve priced me out of their market.

- Thanks, Jack W. (Laguna Hills, CA)

Your software has been the most profitable investment I made in 35 years of practice. I paid for the software many times over just using the trial version. If anyone needs a reference give them my email address. Thanks for a good product.

- Wayne Jordon (Alamogordo, NM)

Thank you so much for a wonderful trust program.

- Russell (Angel's Camp, CA)

I will be purchasing the update. I will take care of that within the next few days. I have been very happy with the software and our firm (which is now really just me since my partner’s retirement) was more profitable this year than ever before. I must accord some of that success to the software. Hope you have a great day.

- Shay (Los Alamos, New Mexico)

Your software has been unbelievably helpful and time saving. You’ve been a great help as well. Thanks for you program. Please do not sell out to West Law!

- M. M. (Ventura, California)

I will definitely purchase the software after the trial. It is one of the best programs I have ever come across & I don’t mean just estate software but any software (and I use a significant amount of different software programs). Thank you,

- B. M. (Nutley, New Jersey)

Dennis –
I got the download and have tried a “trial” trust. This software is amazing. I haven’t even run the tutorial yet and my first run was almost perfect. I’m sure I’ll be getting this software. Let me know how to proceed and how this works with purchasing Hot Docs. Thanks,

- K.G. (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

This is the best. I cannot believe that I could create an entire living trust package “straight out of the box”. Your templates are a true Godsend for an attorney starting an estate planning practice. Thank you so much.

- Barry (Agoura Hills, Califonria)

If you ever need a reference for Oklahoma, have them call me.

- B.L. (Ardmore, Oklahoma)

Hi Dennis,
Sorry for the delays. We were trying a competitor’s trust software (National Lawforms) this week (something we ordered before contacting you), but it basically stinks compared with yours and others we’ve used in the past. Might be decent for a layman.
Your good feedback and responsiveness has made us decide to go with your software (plus we liked the trial very much). We would like to order the software. Thanks,

- C.D. (Ashland, Oregon)

Have downloaded and followed tutorial. WOW ! Incredibly user friendly and professional. Thanks!

- Paul (Wolfeboro, New Hampshire)

Fantastic. I very much like that the children have withdrawal powers in trusts (instead of trustee direction to distribute). I’m happy as a lark. Very streamlined, this.

- G.P-K. (Santa Barbara, California)

wow, I got home this evening, went online and was surprised and pleased that you responded so fast! I couldn’t wait to download and try your software, so I connected with the link, downloaded the software and user’s guide and then watched the tutorial. Everything downloaded and installed perfectly. I wanted to slowly ease into the program so I put together a joint husband/wife will, etc first. This program is fantastic, it really sells itself. I can’t wait to start using it in my practice. I definitely want to purchase it. So tell me what I need to do. The Hotdocs trial demo that I installed is the Professional Edition. Can I purchase the Professional version with your program? Let me know what can be worked out and thanks for the speedy reply and fantastic software.

- Steve (Dillsburg, Pennsylvania)

I hired a new attorney to take some of my overflow living trust work; to standardized my office, I felt I needed to give up my old forms and start fresh. Little did I realize that, not only was the new attorney able to instantly start producing her own trusts, but your documents are much more complete than my old forms. My workflow has never been better and we are able to generate quality documents in much less time. I love the integration of your templates with the database; it is very reassuring to know that I have every client logged in for updates and newsletters. If you need any references from a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Law, please let me know.

- Nancy (Palm Desert, California)

Dennis, I finished my first estate plan using your system. I am amazed at how quickly I could get through the interview and then how clean the documents looked. This is a great program and well worth the cost.

- L.T. (Marina del Rey, California)

Thank you so much for all the time yesterday! After we got off the phone, I got the e-mail for the update and (you will be so proud) I was able to update my program! I also prepared a test trust package for myself, as you suggested. One of the many features I like is that the forms save to word processing so that I can edit the forms to be exactly as I would have them! I was surprised at how little time it takes to actually go from start to finish. This is a great program!!! Again, I so appreciate your time expenditure yesterday.

- Hillary (Encino, California

Dennis, hello – everything installed and configured just fine last night. I was up and running in no time, and my wife was impressed that I cranked out an 80-page trust after about 20 minutes of data entry.

- B.W. (Antioch, California

Hi Dennis, I did get the binders on Monday and they are great, they are better quality than I’ve ever ordered from other providers. Thanks, Amy